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      Cooltech has a complete product service guarantee system, which can provide users with high-quality and timely services before, during and after sales;

      I. Quality guarantee

      Our business department warrants that all the provided equipment are OEM products and supplied with complete materials and accessories. To ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the contract equipment, our department warrants that all the provided technologies and products are complete, clear and correct.

      II. Quality guarantee measures

      Warranty period: Provide on-site service within the warranty period.

      1、Our department has an after-sales service center, which is mainly responsible for after-sales service and technical consultation. We warrant that engineers are available to provide various technical services at any time.

      2、Remote service and information about how to solve problems timely are available on our website. We also provide real-time online service.

      3、24-hour online service. Our technical consultation hotline is available 24 hours. We provide 24-hour technical service.

      4、Vulnerable accessory: The company has an available stock of common backup accessories, and warrants that problems are fixed at the earliest opportunity.